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Sonopia mobile client

Sonopia mobile client uses Flash Lite 2.1 technology to support the main Sonopia portal functionality in the subscriber's handset, such as:

  • users networks
  • favorite persons with their contacts
  • news and blogs for each network or person
  • make blog posts
  • read/send comments to blog items
  • edit your profile
  • search friends
  • accept and send invitations
  • preview new guestbook messages
  • manage your blog hotlist
  • make call and send SMS

The Flash Lite 2.1 client works with native BREW server via XML-Socket to expand Flash Lite functionality such as caching text and media content, working with photo gallery, by making a hidden data synchronization.

The application requires an installed Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 player.
Sonopia Flash Lite Mobile Client  [7.3Mb]

MS Power Point Presentation: Sonopia Flash Lite Mobile Client   [7.3 Mb]

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  • Adobe Flash Lite 2.1
  • BREW
  • S60
  • Windows Mobile 5


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